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Getting Relationships Right – Creating a Fun, Safe, Bully-free World for Our Children

Today’s show, Creating a Fun, Safe, Bully-free World for Our Children,
will provide insights and practical tips that will support your efforts to the help children in your life become more respectful, empowered human beings.

The link to the following post provides a practical, easy to understand model for establishing and deepening our “connection” with others:

I have some statistics for your consideration:
• One out of four children get bullied
• 160,000 children stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied
• Here’s the kicker, my friends, bullying is very under reported
It is therefore Very likely that a child with whom you have regular contact has been or is being, bullied.
Please take a moment to be fully present with these facts.

Our children are the future of our society.

They learn how to be in the world from how they are treated. Both adults and their peers play a role in this learning.

My guest on this must listen to show is Vicki Abadesco, the cofounder and Director of Soul Shoppe, an organization that teaches character education and life skills to elementary school communities.

Last year Soul Shoppe served over 75,000 students through interactive workshops and assemblies.

Vicki has written a ground breaking book, Free to Be, that provides practical tips and strategies for helping children develop the core character qualities that support respectful, mutually empowering relationships. It is one of the most inspiring works I have ever read!

To pick up YOUR copy and support Vicki’s work use the link below:

To contact Vicki or find out more about her healing work with children got to:

Live, Connect, Love, and Prosper