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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Skin Cancer Prevention Advice & Sun Skin Safety: Dr Lycka & Leona Yez, CSCF

Skin cancer is preventable by our own actions. Did you know that? And did you also know that the rate of skin cancer is increasing? To help us get serious about protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and why it is important, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Leona Yez, executive director from the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation. We hear how the CSCF is working hard to educate us about being safe in the sun, and why it is so important to our health to be sun safe. Of particular interest are the innovative programs to educate children and young people about sun safety. Dr Lycka & Ms. Yez also highlight some typical signs of skin cancer to watch out for, and ways to help the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation work towards its goal of eliminating skin cancer in Canada.

 Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.