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Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Does Penis Size Matter? Super HealthFood Part 2, New Burn Treatment, Fish for Dogs

Finally a scientific answer to the age old question: does penis size matter? Find out what it means to relationships and how it compares to other attractive qualities in a man.

This common food rivals aspirin as a pain reliever and is cheap. It is highly anti-inflammatory and helps with arthritic symptoms and mobility of stiff joints. It will help you get off acid-blockers that can destroy your stomach barrier to infections and ulcers. Colds, coughs, headache…it is terrific for use several times a day.

Infections are a serious problem for children with burns, and can lead to toxic shock syndrome and death. This new aid to diagnosing and treating burn infections will save lives. Also hear how anemia can escalate Alzheimer’s disease.

Dogs need omega 3 supplements just like people. How should they get them and at what dose?