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Kathryn McKinnon

Time Management Radio – Executive Coach, Time Management Expert and Author, Kathryn McKinnon: 10 Time Management Strategies plus Tips & Activities to Save More Time

A few weeks ago I presented a webinar to Harvard Business School. I revealed the 10 Time Management Strategies and Tips I use with clients and feature in my book Triple Your Time Today! Over 680 Alumni registered for that webinar and the training got great reviews. This week, I’m going to share the audio of that training with you. During this training, you’ll discover:

• How to Avoid one activity that’s the biggest waste of time.

• How to Find 40 minutes of FREE time every day.

• 4 Tips to leverage your time so you can get more done.

• Easy ways to take control over your time so you have more for yourself.

• You’ll get an overview of 10 proven Time Management Strategies to help you save more time.

• 2 great activities to improve your time management skills to increase your productivity, reduce your stress and add balance back into your work and life.

• Some client stories to demonstrate how you can incorporate these strategies into your daily routine.

You can also access the webinar version of this training, if you go to
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Enjoy this audio training. Feel free to share it with friends and colleagues!