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Today’s Parents – How To Teach Your Kids To Cope With Frustration

What do you do when your kids are frustrated, angry or disappointed?

Do you tell them to stop whining or do you tell them to think positive and look on the bright side? Maybe you just leave them alone until they calm down?

So, how should you respond when your children are clearly frustrated, angry or disappointed?

In this week’s show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with family therapist, parenting expert and the Director of The Stone Center for Counseling and Leadership, Leslie Petruk about how parents can teach their kids to cope with frustration.

Listen in as they talk about:

• How to respond to your kids when they are frustrated, angry or disappointed (both young children and teenagers);
• Common mistakes parents make that make their children shut off and stop talking to them;
• Why giving them advice and telling them to think positive when they are frustrated is counterproductive;
• Specific examples on how to use the strategy Leslie shared such as: when your kids are frustrated while waiting; when kids get frustrated when they are learning to do something and don’t get it; and when teenagers encounter disappointment such as not making a grade or not making a sports team.
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