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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Geoengineering: The Ongoing, Methodical Destruction of the Biosphere

With Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch

Weather modification has been going on for decades, without the knowledge, not to mention consent of the global population. In this info-intense exchange, Dane Wigington of conveys the shocking reality of constant worldwide toxification of the biosphere and manipulation of weather patterns via chemtrails (1000 planes flying daily) and ionospheric heaters (the HAARP facility in Alaska is only one of many). Whereas Eco-Evolution is mostly focused on the brave and pioneering work people and organizations are doing to facilitate our shift to sustainability, this program addresses an unrecognized major factor in global warming, and an astounding violation of human rights, ecological ethics and international laws. A growing body of data suggests that partnerships between national governments, military forces, military contractors such as Raytheon, major universities and corporate profiteers are carrying out an ongoing, devastating assault on humanity and our planet. Our environmental groups, health organizations, academics, churches and human rights groups have so far been largely unaware of this tragedy, by design. The mass media and weather reporting systems have been influenced by the forces behind this practice, to hide it from the pubic. The work of researchers such as Dane and films such as Why In the World are They Spraying is bringing this most disturbing story of the modern era to light. It is a story that must be changed, and soon.