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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Nothing Good Comes from a “BUT…”

Tired of excuses you hear from others…your kids, your spouse, or people at work? Frustrated with the excuses you give in your own life? Michael Malkush talks with Family Connections about the five different kinds of ‘buts’ people use to avoid accountability. The author of Nothing Good Comes From A BUT and a former high school teacher, Michael has years of refreshing and heartwarming stories of excuses kids offer to avoid being responsible, and ways to create accountability and persistence. He tackles all sorts of excuses, from “but I don’t have time” to “but I feel guilty”. Michael also discusses the five major ‘buts’ people use in their lives. This episode of Family Connections is fun, informative, and wake-up call to taking action in one’s life.