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Dõv Baron

Full Monty Leadership – Maria Cardona

My guest this week is the esteemed Maria Cardona; CNN & CNN Español contributor, Democratic strategist, senior adviser and spokesperson to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She also worked on Barack Obama’s election team and was instrumental in helping Obama win 67% of the Latino vote.

In this Show Maria Cardona and I will dig into one of the most polarizing issues in the US today…Immigration!

You and I both know when this lady is on CNN she is not going to be given the free reign she needs to really get to the meat of the issues. However, in this show I guarantee that we will be speaking about many unspeakable issues, including: Why president George W. Bush had it right when it came to communicating with Latino’s (even though he seemed to struggle with speaking English).

We’ll dig into what really matters to the Latino voter and why the women of that community are the greatest leverage point for change, not just in government but within the US.