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Mark Spivak

Quench! – A Glass of Madeira, My Dear

When Americans hear about Madeira wine, they usually think of spinsters , maiden aunts, and cobwebbed bottles in ancient sideboards. This is a shame, since Madeira can be some of the most glorious wines in the world—supple, elegant, and capable of pairing very well with a wide range of foods. Mark begins by reminiscing about his recent visit to the island of Madeira, where he experienced a tour and tasting at Blandy’s, one of the oldest wine lodges on the island. He then talks with Bartholomew Broadbent, the leading importer of Madeira wine into the U.S., who offers insights into the role of Madeira with food and life.

Blandy’s—Link to:

Broadbent Selections—Link to:

Iconic Spirits: An Intoxicating History—Link to: