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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War -The Streets Want in – Security in Public Housing

Subsidized housing… A security challenge not like too many others.
There are real people who really need help and there are programs in place for them to receive it. Now; then these same programs draw in predators of all kinds and those who game the system. There are even those who advocate for the predators and those abusing the system in order to make their living.

Security in this niche is a battle on multiple sides. The immediate threats of harm to staff and others are not only real but dangerous. Dealing with that is one issue, dealing with the predators perpetrating these acts from within the system becomes another battle as they hide behind advocates and the system’s antiquated policies. Another challenge is the denial of those supporting the system and the active ignorance to the real dangers. Using intelligence, Law Enforcement, Threat Assessment, CCTV, and all available resources while still supporting those in real need is a unique niche that we get to look at in this episode.

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About the Guest Speaker – Don Stewart
Former Operations Manager for 3 different Collection/Subrogation Law firms and for the State of Colorado debt collections office (Department of Central
Services). Don was instrumental in seizing the Stanley hotel and a Nazi church for unpaid taxes/fees when working with the State.

In 2001 Don Stewart “Inherited” a property management company focused on Gov. subsidized housing. For the next decade it was Drugs, Bugs, and Thugs for him as he learned from the school of hard knocks about the security, concerns, and unique needs of Sec8 and ModRehab subsidized housing.

Don Stewart, Founder of The Stewart Company. Specialized in Threat Assessment & Management, Emergency Action Plans, Consulting, and Servicing high risk properties.

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