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Full Monty Leadership – Derek Mills

Derek Mills spent the first 18 years of his working life setting goals and failing miserably! He like most people had read the books, taken the courses and still woke up every morning feeling like if he could just hit “that” goal then he could be happy.

Then one night at around 10 PM, after working a grueling 14 hour day, someone asked him a simple question, a question that might have gone over any ones heads as “no biggie”, that was the moment he stopped for 10 seconds and developed a philosophy to live by.

Derek Mills is our guest the week on Dõv Baron’s Full Monty Leadership Show. Derek is the author of the brand new Hay House book “The 10 second Philosophy”… A practice Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius”

From That point on Derek Changed his life and his finances around and within three years created his first million and the following year a million in one year.

Since 2010 he has catapulted into the high stratosphere of success appearing in newspapers and magazines across the UK and the US and was recently featured in the movie The Keeper of The Keys.