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Getting Relationships Right

Ron Capocelli

Getting Relationships Right – Keys to Effective Communication

Today’s show, Keys to Effective Communication, will focus on some important things that everyone, myself included, needs to keep in mind when interacting with their partners. The link below provides a detailed description of how to fully support your partner when they are “frustrated”.

A growing body of research confirms what common sense tells us: It is the day-today, “routine” interactions between partners that make or break the relationship.

We are always building our “Relationship House”. Every interaction with your partner is an investment that will pay dividends.

You’ll want to download this must hear show to find out what you can do to make sure that your committed relationship brings you and your partner the fulfillment you both want and deserve. The link below provides a detailed discussion of how we build emotional connection with our partners.

I invite you to set the intention to come away from this podcast with at least one thing that you can commit to doing to improve your communication with your partner.

The Love you save may be your own!

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