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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Machine Guns & Supressors – Legal to Own

Have you ever desired to own a Machine Gun?

Have you ever wished you could have a suppressor for recreational shooting, hunting, or just plain good All American fun?

Did you know that in most locations it’s completely legal and a whole lot of fun to own either one of these items. It’s also legal to own a Short Barreled Firearm as long as you foloow procedure & do it legally.

Hear our discussion about this and then get educated about your own State laws on this topic. It might just be legal for you to own a Machine Gun in your State and if you have the time & money – now, rather than later, might be a great time to get motivated and start looking into it before it is too late. Hear what a Gunsmith has to say.

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In a Side note of insanity:
This week a majority group of Colorado Sheriffs unhappy with recent gun control laws have filed a law suit in federal court against recent gun control laws set to take affect July 1st, 2013. The lawmen said they would challenge two new laws, one limiting the size of ammunition magazines and another law to expand gun background checks. The law suits target 2nd & 14th Amendment violations by State Law Makers who tossed together rapid ill prepared legislation in a knee jerk reaction to 2 mass shooting events. The whole Nation will be watching Colorado try to correct the mistakes its Law makers recently committed against the will of its citizens.

Special Guest Speaker Jeff Belanger:
Jeff Belanger has served several years of military service followed by Law Enforcement experience. He is a graduate of the US Marine Corps’ Scout Sniper School, and Urban Sniper Training as well as a former Federal Flight Deck Officer.
He currently owns and operates Double Tap LLC as a Certified Gunsmith & Firearms Instructor who provides firearms training to all levels of shooters in multiple disciplines.
He enjoys shooting every type of NFA item he can get his hands on, and has been involved in NFA firearms for about five years.