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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – Mortgage Money Today!

In the last several years of credit crisis and the burst of America’s housing bubble, we’ve witnessed the collapse of the mortgage industry as we know it. Change, change and more change has haunted the mortgage industry pretty much on a daily basis. Changes that were actually a reversion back to original lending guidelines from years past and NEW federally mandated policy and disclosures designed to protect us from ourselves have complicated the home buying process and continue to muddy the water for consumers.

As we move forward into a new era of home lending, good credit, complete documentation and planning will be a requirement when obtaining a loan. I talk with individuals every single day that are lost, overwhelmed by media hype, frozen in fear not knowing where to turn! I know that it’s confusing out there, I’ve have struggled too…even as a 37 year mortgage professional! As a single parent, I recently refinanced my home and learned “up close and personal” just how stressful this NEW mortgage environment actually is, so doing your homework is critical!

The old world way of doing things doesn’t work any more—going down to your local bank and getting the one size fits all loan…may not be your best option! It’s become my mission to help today’s consumers navigate this new mortgage environment in an educated, stress free way.
Join me as my guest, Cort Horner, a Sales Manager for Guild Mortgage Company in central Oregon, and I discuss the divergence of Mortgage Money Today! Cort has over 13 years experience in wholesale and retail mortgage loan origination and underwriting, facilitating loans throughout the US and managing a large team of loan officers during his career.
With this kind of mortgage experience in the house today, it’s a show that you can’t afford to miss!