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The Global Child

Dr. David Kenneth Waldman

The Global Child – A unique opportunity to listen to and interview of the founder and host of The Global Child.

Dr David Kenneth Waldman is an experienced educator who started out in 1976 as an elementary school teacher. In fact, one way or another I have been in education for 36 years and have worked; in schools, for the US Army, educational publishers and sold textbooks, hosted and produced my own radio show for the blind reading literature and interviewing people that worked in some capacity for children and education, and a public access TV show in San Francisco called To Love Children, where I hosted, produced and interviewed experts on educational issues. Presently, I am the host of a new a web talk radio show named The Global Child. I am always looking for experts on issues related to children who are vulnerable.

I define myself as a social entrepreneur with an extensive background in educational consulting, publishing, curriculum development, training educators, as well as an author and publisher who published curriculum, journals, novels and children’s literature. I founded an international nongovernmental organization called To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc (501c3) which obtained in 2006 Special Consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. I have spoken twice at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in front of the world and have my written statements on girl gender justice and education policy accepted and published in all the UN languages. Here is a link to a recent University of Phoenix article on my work as a nongovernmental organization founder

I am registered as a nongovernmental organization in Uganda and Kenya and consult and participate with governmental officials, UN agencies, community based organizations on public policy issues; sustainable educational development and gender justice for girls. I do this through programs I institute in the field as well as recommendations to governmental ministers, UNICEF, and to the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations. On June 4th I attended a NGO Committee on UNICEF Advocacy meeting in New York to participate in a discussion on how civil society and UNICEF can partner more effectively.

I am also the author and lead instructor of a new Nonprofit Management Certification course for UCLA Extension and UCLA Ext Empowered, adjunct professor at Baltimore City Community College where I teach American Government and State and Local Government.

In 1976, I received my Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education, Queens College, NY, and a Masters of Arts in International Relations in 2001 at Golden Gate University San Francisco, CA. My Ph.D. in Public Policy and Public Administration specializing in International Nongovernmental Organizations at Walden University in the School of Public Policy and Public Administration in 2011. At my graduation in Minneapolis President Clinton was the commencement speaker.

I bring a broad perspective that is interdisciplinary to the class concerning public policy and administration which includes real world experience with developing nation’s governments, UN agencies, as well as my masters in international relations. I have participated online, conferences, ministerial meetings, to help inform international public policy at the local and national level in the developing world for girls who are marginalized, poor, invisible, with no voice. I serve on the College of Criminal Justice and Security University of Phoenix Faculty Council for Public Administration also as subject matter expert, I also act as needed as reviewer for the Office of Scholarship for University of Phoenix ( I was awarded a scholarship for a research project by this office that I will conduct in Uganda in May 2013), and Chair of committee to review and recommend new textbooks for University of Phoenix, College of Criminal Justice and Security.

My expertise lies with public policy and public administration, nonprofit management and policy, and the educational development of girls in the developing world in order to break the cycle of poverty along with; gender equality, gender justice, and human rights. I understand and incorporate disparate cultural practices in how I inform policy and programs for girls. I participate in gender policy’s sessions as well the importance in public policy to become expert in intercultural communication skills as an important part of understanding the role of the public administrator in the 21st century.

Over the course of 40 years I have traveled extensively to 45 nations, lived in Germany for five years. This experience has improved my intercultural communication competency and awareness of how other societies and cultures conduct public policy. I am also active in the American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA) and was chair on the Global Network Committee and a founding member of the International Chapter for ASPA and also serve on the Board of Directors of the Center of Media and Peace Initiatives.