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Time Management Radio – Kelly Azevedo, Online Business Systems Expert: Time Management Tips to Create Repeatable Systems that Work for You and Save Time

If you’re not aware of the habits, routines and systems you’ve created for yourself, you may be wasting time on unproductive activities that aren’t helping you achieve your goals.

My guest is Kelly Azevedo, an online business systems expert and the founder of She’s Got Systems. We discuss valuable time management tips for creating systems that you can easily put in place to improve your business, your work and your life.
During our conversation, you’ll discover:

1. How to develop the right mindset for embracing systems: Managing your time better by getting tasks off your plate but making sure they’re done correctly so you don’t waste time re-doing tasks;

2. The Benefits of having systems – more freedom, relaxation, serving more clients, making more money, more time for vacation, family and creative expression;

3. How to get started with simple processes, finding resources, making time to create systems, and when to outsource systems.

Beginning in the corporate world, Kelly used her natural ability to create and use systems to streamline accounting, marketing, human resources and administrative departments.

Kelly believes that every single online business needs systems to support clients, document results and dominate in the field.
She’s Got Systems provides courses and programs in her easy and affordable Systems Academy as well as private coaching programs for clients worldwide.

Kelly frequently writes for Forbes, the Washington Post and Women 2.0 and her unique brand of life work balance was recently featured in the New York Times.

You can sign up at for her free video series teaching her hiring system and other resources and to get first access to the She’s Got Systems Academy for running your business smoothly.