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From Great to Brilliant: Your Life Path

Mary Curran

From Great to Brilliant: Your Life Path – Can you Really Trust your (Fad) Diet?

It seems everywhere you go, there’s a new diet promising: thinner thighs, a tighter bum, a leaner waist, more defined arms, and a smaller number on the scale.

Are any of these claims true? Can they really provide body-slimming results?

Join me as I uncover the truth with America’s weight loss expert and Registered Dietitian, Kristen Carlucci, RD.

Together we delve into: the paleo and primal diet, juice cleanses, the south beach diet, Atkins, and lastly, the HCG diet. We discuss what each is, the pulses and minuses of each diet, and results we’ve seen clients get, while on each program.

Ultimately, we get to the bottom of the issue–do any “fad” diets really work?