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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing with John Kortum

John Kortum is an author and the developer of The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing. He consults, speaks, and teaches worldwide on sensory integration and development. His reproducible applications of cognitive techniques in healthcare have been independently evaluated with 93% accuracy. As a child, John noticed he could mix his sensory perceptions to detect certain health issues in people. When he looked at them, he was able to observe certain “indicators” or “perceptual properties” for particular illnesses or health concerns. He explains, as a child, he didn’t know exactly what he was noticing for one man in particular, but later learned he had lung cancer. He then realized that what he observed related to specific parts of the body.

The Kortum Technique is an observation process to be used in addition to traditional western medical care. Most of the indicators are noticed on a person’s face. These are not physiological traits but “felt or textual properties.” For example, healthcare professionals also claim that many people have a certain appearance soon before their death, which some refer to as “the look.” The body has a visual language about what is going on with metabolic processes. There are certain indicators that pertain to specific organs.

John’s research with various physicians has concluded that the human body often has an awareness that something is wrong before the illness manifests itself. His technique is a function of human perception which anyone can learn to do. He has worked with various physicians to help them identify the indicators. Many of us already observe these indicators without being aware of what we are seeing.

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