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Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101

Denise Krochta

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – What Shape is Recovery?

Many people use the 12 step concept in pursuing recovery. For a very long time, this is all that was available. It is still a very popular lifestyle and way to live clean and sober. Over the past years on my show I have given information on this concept as well as other programs and concepts. Always feel free to go back into the archives of this show and listen to some of these shows on Harm Reduction, Cognitive Therapy, and some of the other alternatives. Today I am interviewing a young man, Clayton Elliot, Founder of Widism, who tells us of his journey from addiction and to where he is today and why he does what he does. He talks about some alternative concepts in recovery and why/how they help him in his sobriety today. We learn, as most of us do know, that addiction is not just an American thing, it is everywhere in the world. Clayton is in Toronto, Canada and his story, and that of his peers, is much the same as the stories that come from our loved ones. As I continue to interview people and hear their stories, it is not always the story of their lives as addicts, but their choices in how they become and remain clean and sober, that seem to be evolving over time.