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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Help! The Golden Years are Over! Now What?

When we’re young and healthy, our vision of old age is sweet. We imagine a slightly wrinkled version of ourselves rocking happily away on a sunny porch surrounded by well-behaved grandchildren who pay rapt attention to us as we recall our life’s adventures. Nice fantasy, but if that was reality, no one would have ever developed the slogan, “Old age is NOT for sissies!” The truth is, as we age our needs become increasingly more complicated and complex. It is possible to live life well, even after the Golden Years come to a screeching halt, but it takes planning, and often it requires assistance from professionals in a variety of areas. Join us as we talk with Peter Gelbwax, Chairman of Gelbwaks Executive Marketing Corp. We discuss Long-term Care Insurance 101, which is an important conversation for anyone who wants to make sure they have the resources to pay for professional care without depleting all of the assets they have accumulated over a life-time of hard work. Dr. Joseph M. Casciani, Founder and President of Concept Healthcare, returns to talk about helping older adults understand and cope with depression. And when we speak with Richard Wexler, President and CEO of Points of Life, you’ll learn how it is possible to find people and resources to support aging, disabled, or chronically ill loved ones from a distance, with a minimal investment of your time and at no financial cost to you. We wrap it all up with Caregiver Help Story-time and a letter from Madelyn in which she talks about adopting a new attitude toward doing what needs to be done.