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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Emotional Wellness; A Gift Of Happiness For You And Your Kids

Often we hear how important it is to eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise but it’s not often that we hear about how important it also is to look after our emotional wellness. Our emotions have a direct impact on our physical selves yet when did you last do something to support your emotional health and wellbeing?

Today’s guest has an incredible passion for sharing techniques and information that improve our emotional wellbeing in so many ways with the positive impact of reducing modern dis-eases like stress.

Join host Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach as she chats with Leann Middlemass, a mother with significant experience in the personal development industry and a specialist when it comes Emotional Wellness. An author of 2 books offering invaluable insights into how to understand your emotions Leanne has also developed motivational and wellness programs specifically for teenage girls, although she says that the programs would be beneficial to anyone wanting to reduce stress and have greater control in their lives.

Listen in today to hear Leann’s 3 key tips to improve your emotional wellbeing and discover how you can help yourself and the children in your life irrelevant of their age. This show is a must listen for anyone who is tired of being reactive, angry, frustrated or full of negative emotion and who wants to experience a happier healthy life.

Discover today how you can have Shannon personally support you to create your own limitless life.