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The Book of Dad

Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – Samaritan Plus

In this world of hate and hurt its great to know that there are still some people who want to give rather than take, put back, restore and rebuild. The truly unfortunate thing is that we are so inundated and preoccupied with negative news and influences, perhaps lingering that we rarely if ever take time to acknowledge and laud organizations and individuals who specialize in “Samaritisism Plus” or exists for the sole purpose of making the lives of others better. Today we talk with an important member of one such organization; Street Evangelist Brother Joseph Benson.

The Brothers of Concern, Chester Pa mission statement:

Our Goal is to get local men involved in taking leadership in their communities. This will rid our neighborhoods of violence and drugs by getting those responsible off the streets and into programs that will help them become law abiding citizens and employable.

Evangelist Brother Joseph P. Benson

The current secretary of “The Brothers Of Concern”, earned a Certification in Mathematics from Delaware County Community College. From there Joseph’s life took on the direction of service to others, first to God and Jesus Christ, family and community. He became a member of Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Realizing the need to sharpen his sword Joseph earned a Bachelor’s Degree In Theology, United Christian College, Wilmington, De in 2004; additionally, he has acquired a myriad of certifications to include, HIV Prevention Counseling For Rapid Testing, Fundamentals of HIV Prevention Counseling, Mentoring from the Chester Mentoring Initiative, Ethics for the addiction Professional, and Confidentiality from the Pennsylvania Department of Health; Capacity Building, and Social Service Delivery-the African American Perspective.

Joseph orchestrated the First and subsequent Annual Men’s Health Awareness, Health Fair that provided free, routine health services to the Men of Chester, Pa. Lauded by local political and community leaders and heavily publicized and complemented through local media venues, it continues to be emulated in similar communities throughout the region. Joseph possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the inner city streets, an in-depth knowledge of the methods and techniques to plan community outreach programs in areas of education; various social, political, regional and economics issues.