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Time Management Radio – Sean Casto, CEO of, Mobile Apps Expert: The Best Apps to Increase Productivity and Save Time

Today we’re going to cut through the clutter and discuss some of the best rated time management apps to improve productivity and help you save time. We talk about apps for managing to do lists, expense reports, organizing daily tasks, time tracking, dictation and even organizing files and contacts. There are specific apps for each of these categories that are designed to make your business or work life easier.

My guest is Sean Casto, a Boston-based entrepreneur, founder and CEO of, an exclusive platform for introducing new mobile applications to users prior to release.

Sean discovered this market niche through his business experience in the industry as an employee, app and web developer. He’s been an analyst for Tapwalk, a location-based mobile app development company, and served in logistics at Wayfair, a leading e-commerce U.S.-based multinational.

He’s also lectured at industry conventions and at Northeastern and Harvard Universities. Sean has acquired an understanding of the struggles developers face and a passion to serve the growing mobile app community. You can learn more about Sean and his company by going to

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