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Today’s Parents – Parents’ Role in Children’s Academic & Extra-Curricular Activities

Do you consider yourself an involved parent?

Do you check your kids’ homework and make sure they’re doing well in school?

Actively fill up your kids’ schedule with sports or extra-curricular activities like music lessons, dance lessons etc?

In this week’s show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with psychologist Dr. Peter Haiman about parents’ role in children’s academic and extra-curricular activities.

Listen in for the answers to the following questions:
• What role should parents be playing when it comes to their children’s academic and extra-curricular activities?
• Should parents choose their children’s activities or should kids do it themselves?
• Should parents set expectations about children’s grades and academic achievements?
• What do you do if your child is not interested in school?
• Should parents encourage children to be competitive?

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