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Pursuing Your Happiness

Farid Arjan

Pursuing Your Happiness – Your World Is As Good As You Make It

Often we look at the issues and problems in our lives from an individual’s point of view while majority of those issues are influenced by what is going on in our society and they are the reflection of other things surrounding us. Financial issues, working long hours and not being able to stay focus on the path that should leads us to our Happiness are all examples of how the society can influence our private live. Interview with Margaret Wheatly the author of “SO FAR FROM HOME: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World” on how the corporate world has disintegrated our lives. Then a look at different breed of businesses that are structured differently; an interview with Cliff Smith from Best Health Food Store and how our role in promoting good things can have a positive impact on our society.

Your World Is As Good As You Make It!

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