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Getting Relationships Right

Ron Capocelli

Getting Relationships Right – Finding Happiness in Romantic Relationships

Today’s show, Finding Happiness in Romantic Relationships, ”, will take a good hard look at personal responsibility and happiness.

If you are single and dating or you are in a committed relationship and simply are not experiencing the “happiness” that you expected then this show is for you! To read an article dedicated to this topic, please use the link below.


No one can make you happy but YOU!

Your happiness is your responsibility.

I believe that what creates the “magic” in longstanding, loving committed, mutually empowering, mutually fulfilling relationships is the fact that both partners find fulfillment, joy, and completeness within themselves which is then “amplified” in the process of sharing it with their partner.

Put another way:
It is the synergy between the two whole, responsible human beings in relationship that makes that relationship fresh, alive, powerful, magical, dynamic, intriguing, and lasting.
The link below will take you directly to an article I wrote sometime ago that discusses how to develop deeper, more mutually stratifying relationships. Please check it out!

Be sure to down load this episode to discover find out what you can to do to attract a quality partner who truly loves YOU for who you are. If you are already in a committed relationship that is simply not living up to your expectations, this episode will provide you with some powerful tips for how to make your relationship really hum.

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