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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” host Sheryl Glick welcomes Peter Fairfield author of “Deep Happy”. This book is a combination of stories, philosophies, and techniques that offer a look at our ability to recognize that it is not from our outside life, but from our internal inner being, and from our reliance on intuition that we create thoughts and actions that ultimately influence events on a daily basis. As Peter suggests everyone wants to be happy, nobody wants to be in pain, but we all experience different degrees of suffering. Whether we call it stress, pain or spiritual transformation it is the many changing and often misinterpreted emotions that add to any or all suffering. The release of pain and sadness allows us to experience our physical reality with a new perception. Observing ourselves and others deal with common day activities help us to learn the truth about who we are, where we come from and what the purpose of a physical life really is. But this requires an open state of mind and a willingness to change yourself in positive ways of interacting.

Our show today, as always, will offer various insights into how to utilize Universal Energy for healing and for establishing a more balanced emotional life. It may become clear that “a happier deeper” state of health and success follows our choices, and also our own efforts for learning, sharing, producing, and accepting ourselves, strengths, talents and weaknesses. Then embracing all life experiences without judgment becomes easy.

Peter Fairfield has spent the last forty years extensively studying western science and the Spiritual healing systems in Nepal, Tibet, India, Thailand and China and absorbed much wisdom from the Taoist and Qigong traditions working with Tibetan Lamas and Yogis and Moroccan Sufis. Peter is a certified acupuncturist and renowned healer, teacher and a seeker of Deep Happiness.

Peter and I will discuss questions that assist in creating a state of higher thinking and also shed light on meaningful words: vitality, energy, intelligence, wisdom and safety and these words when understood, led to a state of well being. Vitality and energy can be achieved by finding the connections to life, a healthy body and something meaningful and interesting to do with our time. Vitality comes when we free the physical body from the patterns of trauma and emotional hurt imprinted on our thoughts and our cellular structure. Removing limits that we have imposed on our own actions often decreasing our level of feeling pleasure and joy is necessary to achieve homeostasis or a sense of balance. Greater energy is available to us as we free our emotions and energetic hearts and minds ALLOWING and OPENING our interactions with life in all forms. Intelligence and wisdom which we all hope to develop in the course of our life is possible as the coherence or unification of our bodies and hearts creating a healthy foundation for “seeing things as they really are from the finite to the infinite. Safety-real safety comes as we experience our timeless essence or spiritual being untouched by the variables of life, death, and the calamities in between. These qualities; vitality, energy, intelligence and wisdom, and real safety, when in place and aligned to our mind and actions are the foundation for DEEP HAPPINESS which is available to each of us if we eliminate fear.

Peter shares a quote in “Deep Happy”by Ramana Marharshi which says “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What’s wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

In this challenging physical crazy world, it is often easy to forget our personal needs and relinguish our true self to the whims and issues of others. Reclaiming our personal power and awareness of our unique life plan helps us to be calm: happiness and health do resonate from this state. Understanding the difference between Transient Happiness and Deep Happiness is a necessary factor for increasing health prosperity love and a more fulfilling life experience. Transient Happiness depends on something happening or not happening much like a new job, baby, trip or material event. Deep Happiness is possible as energy from our soul essence or eternal connection to all life, love and expansion of being is realized

We are born and resonate in a state of happiness and this state of happiness “within” does not change. It is the conditions around us that constantly change. Peter suggests that happiness is like a wonderful tone that vibrates subtly throughout our bodies and within each cell and organ. Some of us are able to remember this internal state of joy and safety and reclaim what has been lost or damaged over time. Some others cannot transcend the wounds of their childhood traumas or disappointments. They then suffer and perform poorly in life. As outer challenges and problems absorb our attention, still a part of us always remains unchanged and firmly connected to Universal Source and Creation. This connection is the truth of our real life force or eternal being. When this truth is lost many learn to protect or guard themselves from internal thoughts so feelings and emotions become locked deep in the body. Fear of reprisals or loss as a result of exposing our most precious and intimate sense of Self separate us from a state of deep happiness. These same embedded fears are the cause of much suffering, sickness and depression and can only be released when habits and behaviors are transformed.Belief systems from parents, friends and society imprison many in a state of denial. Masking true needs, desires and talents and becoming numb with repressed feelings, or using excessive stimulation of the things of the physical world such as food, alcohol, drugs, sex ,excessive exercise, shopping, etc. to protect against the demands of our current life style is the outcome. Then, it is necessary to find physical and spiritual relief. One form of relief is to close off from the demands of others temporarily and restore harmony. Meditation or inner reflection and silence helps realize a renewed sense of Self.

The three words that Peter suggests are part of any program of suffering would be Desire, Aversion, and Ignorance. Wanting something we don’t have, not wanting what we do have, or ignoring or misperceiving what is right in front of our eyes create suffering. In other words, suffering is caused by feeling we cannot be happy unless the reality around us changes to met our expectations. The only path to true deep happiness is to improve and change ourselves by becoming more aware of our unique and divine nature. Continuing to develop and explore life through friendships, activities such as music, reading, visiting new places becomes the way to a quality of deep happiness created by our own efforts. Furthermore, in discussing our likes and dislikes, we might see that we limit our potential to enjoy new events because of old fears or responses by others. Being invested in the same activities and behaviors may continue because we believe that is all we are capable of. Boredom from this lack of exposure to the newness of life may suck the energy out of us. Learning to say “Yes” therefore is the way to to new opportunities and a more varied view of life.

In discussing certain yogic or energy practices such as Reiki and Acupunture it is clear that even a few deep breaths into the lower abdomen can change brain chemistry as much as 85% of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut. So as many health problems begin in the gut it makes good sense to follow techniques like the yogis and monks to bolster the immune system. This begins with finding activities we enjoy, spending time in nature, music, healthier foods and better relationships with everyone. In discussing our 5 main senses, Peter and Sheryl reveal that our subtle inner senses are connected to our electromagnetic fields and inner perception. The Chinese call them channels and these inner senses help us use the brain more effectively.

Sheryl especially enjoyed sharing Peter’s description of the word “TRUST.” Peter says “trust” becomes the ability to see who someone is rather than holding blind expectations about them. If we accept that definition it becomes clear that we accept people as we see them to be without judgment. We allow for our own personal growth and personal mistakes and for the mistakes of others and know that we can choose to spend more time with people who act in consistent ways that align to our own inner guidance system and life plan. We can then more easily wish others who are on a different trajectory or life journey freedom to explore their own desires. Our health and enjoyment of life seems bound to an understanding of morphogenic field connections of consciousness that unite families and soul groups through time and space. Peter suggests that ancestral connections like Karma is a part of us that is at work more than we may realize, and is a part of us that did not come genetically from our parents. Also in today’s show, Peter and Sheryl will show that a state of ‘Deep Happiness’ is possible when we value, respect, and honor ourselves and others, and do not allow ourselves to be compromised by the actions or behaviors of others. Also by enjoying an awareness of coincidences, synchronicity and miracles on a regular basis, we open our hearts and minds to a united connection to the Oneness of Life, to success in life, and even to deep happiness.