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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – There IS An Alternative to Medicating Kids With Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges That Works!

Would you be shocked to hear that in the US today we have – and these numbers are v-e-r-y conservative — 6 million children who are taking prescription medications for ADHD?

And here is a super shocker: In the US today we have a total number of 9 million children who have been diagnosed with some neurobiologic psychiatric condition of one sort or another, and who are on one or more psychotropic drugs!

This is about as many kids as there are people in New York City!

Have we completely lost our minds?

When did we start believing that the standard is having good, quiet (because they are medicated!) children who make it easy for us to go to work; having submissive children who will sit in boring, over-crowded classrooms with over-worked teachers who have unachievable expectations placed upon them, and don’t have the time to pay individual attention to their students –OUR children!

What is happening in our country?

It seems like at some point we as a society decided to leave the personal growth and development and happiness of our children on the doorstep in service of making the smooth functioning of overstressed families and schools the priority?

And *functioning* is the operative word in this episode.

My guest in this episode is Dr. Sandy Gluckman the creator of the remarkable Coaching Program called Parents Take Charge! Dr. Sandy is a Ph.D. psychologist, health coach and behavior specialist and works in the field of functional medicine with parents of children from 2 years to late teens who have all kinds of learning, behavior and mood symptoms

This is an amazing interview filled with real options based on legitimate science and the basic understanding that learning, behavior and mood challenges CAN be positively impacted without medication an CAN be healed. Don’t miss this riveting conversation!