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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – How Do You Know When You Need Help From a Credit Counselor?

The phone rings. You glare at the phone, you begin to sweat and little by little panic begins to set in with each ring. You don’t know what to do! You are afraid to answer it, because it just might be a creditor or a collection company calling looking for payment?

Maybe if you ignore it, they will stop calling? If you have ever found yourself here…you’re not alone. But don’t let fear, embarrassment, or the emotional and physical anchor of debt drag down your life, when help is available!

In recent months, we have been talking about the various options available when it comes to surviving financial crisis. We’ve discussed in detail short sales, foreclosure avoidance, bankruptcy, debt settlement, unemployment emergencies, financial literacy, home buyer education , and budgets. To finish off the series, Today on Surviving the Credit Crisis, my guest, Terri Rahmsdorff and I are going to be discussing “debt reduction plans” with credible counseling services aka members of the NFCC (National Foundation of Credit Counselors) Organization.

Terri has over 40 years in banking, is a licensed tax preparer in the State of Oregon, was an Executive Director of Consumer Credit Counseling for 7 years, and a Financial Fitness Instructor for various agencies for more than 15 years. She is an undeniable expert when it comes to credit counseling and I am thrilled to have her on the show this week.

Financial success = spending less than your bring home. Listen in… as we discuss the steps you need to take to get started on your journey. Think about it…if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there?