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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Conversations about Concealed Carry

Victory Defense Consulting was recently asked by a former student to come speak at their employer’s Health and Wellness Day about Concealed Carry. Nucla, Colorado (where I was asked to speak) recently passed a Town Ordinance requiring all heads of houses & law abiding towns folk within the limits to own a firearm & ammo. So this was actually a very fitting conversation to be having at this time. I was honored to make the trip. So here are some of the items we discussed. Now slides accompanied the discussion and you don’t have the privilege today but you can still follow along and benefit.

A large number of Americans enjoy a privilege somewhat uncommon to the rest of the world – law abiding citizens can and do enjoy the ability to own firearms. Others specifically take it one step further and choose to enjoy the ability to legally Carry Concealed although a great number of firearms owners do not. I am guessing 1/3 of our Concealed Carry students probably never complete the application but instead took the course for educational purposes and to better familiarize themselves with their defensive handgun.

It is a sad state of affairs that these privileges are being trounced upon by politicians and half witted do gooders who missed the common sense bus.

Join us for the Colorado Freedom Shoot. An event built upon the theme of enjoying your 2nd Amendment freedoms. An awesome list of sponsors has lined up to provide a great event for all. Don’t miss this event scheduled as possibly the LAST event of its kind before Colorado magazine bans go into effect the following day.