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Sex and Happiness

Laurie Handlers

Sex and Happiness – Travel Adventure & Help for Couples

In Segment 1, Laurie interviews Lisa Rizzoli, a Tantra teacher and founder of Embark Upon A Sacred Journey who takes people to Bali for the adventure of their lives! They discuss nature, ceremonies and the climate of the people in Bali and how all this leads to a more exciting and sexy life!

Then in Segment 2, Erica Grigg co-founder of Get Lusty for Couples shares her personal story of marrying the man of her dreams only to have to spice up their sex life after three years of marriage. She discusses how they have developed a website where couples can find a wealth of information and a network of sex positive companies and sex, love and relationship professionals and resources to reawaken and reignite that spark of lust so often missing from people’s lives after tying the knot.