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Time Management Radio – TMR 061013 Christine Duvivier, CEO of Positive Leaders, LLC: How to create more positive impact and reduce stress in less time

Businesses that have a more positive work environment are five times more likely to be successful. Creating a positive outlook for yourself, your work or business can have a huge impact on how you view life, how you manage your time and your level of success.

Christine Duvivier is CEO of Positive Leaders, LLC. She’s an expert on positivity in the workplace and how it can increase your productivity through time management and interaction with other people.

We discuss some specific time management techniques to increase your positivity and ways you can reduces stress and create a more positive impact in less time.

For more than 20 years Christine Duvivier has worked with hundreds of leaders to create positive change in the workplace. Leaders turn to Christine to bring out what’s best in themselves and their organizations, resulting in greater impact, meaning and well-being. Her methods can work for you too.

If you think you’d like to work with Christine, she’s offering a free 20-minute consultation to the first 10 people who contact her at or on twitter at