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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP

Wholehearted Parenting – Play is the Work of Children…The Ins and Outs of Play Therapy

We often trivialize play and only view it as something kids do. We’re right, not only do kids play, but they’re experts at it. We also know that “play is the work of children”, according to the developmental psychologist Jean Piaget.

Play therapy offers a view into a child’s world. Play therapists are specially trained therapists, who incorporate techniques to help children express their feelings and adjust to life’s difficulties. Children, who benefit from play therapy, might be experiencing a divorce, death, health issues, school, family or friendship issues.

I hope you’ll join my conversation with Pam Dyson, an experienced play therapist from St. Louis, Missouri, as we discuss the benefit of play therapy for children. You’ll learn what play therapy is and how it may help your child. For more information about the Association for Play Therapy, please visit their website.