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Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair

Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair – “Aviation Books for the Beach”

The bookshelves are filled with great aviation adventure stories. From Richard Bach’s quasi-mystical writings to the renowned aviation author, Ernest Gann, there is an aviation adventure that will capture the fantasy of the aviation enthusiast, as well as those readers not focused on pilot-oriented literature.

The vast majority of aviation literature is not only entertaining but quite often informative. Many of the aviation- themed novels are based on the real world reality that occurs at airports and airplanes. The techno-thriller modus operandi of Tom Clancy is frequently demonstrated by aviation authors.

The memoirs of the World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and contemporary Middle East airborne skirmishes will often allow the reader to project himself into the pilot’s seat and create a near virtual-reality of adrenaline pumping, pulse-racing aviation scenarios. Amazon Books list hundreds of aviation books and many of them are showcased with the “look-inside”feature

JR Hafer, who has reviewed more than 100 aviation books will join Ace Abbott for a book review discussion.