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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Emotional Meltdowns – Supporting a Stressed Caregiver

Anger is a normal and predictable response to situations over which we have little or no control. As a caregiver, the number of people, situations, and events over which you have little or not control is practically limitless. If you’re a caregiver, the question is not whether you’re going to get angry – because if you are a living, breathing human being, you will lose it.

Knowing that anger is an unavoidable part of the caregiver experience, the real question is, who can you count on to be there to give you a hand and pull you back in from the ledge when you’re ready to jump? This week Elaine shares how technology sent her to the brink, and how the support of a few special people helped her get through an angry, adrenalin-fueled explosion.

We visit with Mauri Malka, Director of Family Services at Jewish Family and Career Services in Louisville, KY. Mauri shares some innovative and exciting programs they have developed to help serve older adults and their families. You can call JFCS at 503-452-6341.

And journalist Jeanine Stice with Nutrition, etc., shares quick tips on how to minimize stress by eating healthy snacks and incorporating mini bursts of exercise into your daily routine.

Caregiver Story time is about a 56th wedding anniversary trip to Mt. Rainier, and how Elaine came to understand that no matter how hard we try to go back, the hands of time are forever and relentlessly moving forward. She tells how she came to understand that regardless of how bleak things appear to be in the future, we can still choose to find joy and pleasure in the present.

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