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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” host Sheryl Glick Reiki Energy Practitioner/Medium welcomes special guest Concetta Bertoldi New York Times bestselling author and celebrity psychic medium Ms. Bertoldi is the author of several books exploring our divine eternal energy life and our continuous connection to Spirit. In her newest book “Inside The Other Side,” Concetta describes soul contracts, Earth as a school for Life lessons, and a look at how dead people or pure energy souls continue their interaction with us and help us between here and heaven. I feel Concetta’s book is unique and different from the stories of many other mediums. Many mediums just describe readings and messages received for clients in an effort to show that accurate information is being downloaded from this higher dimension. Concetta however offers insights and actual explanations for terms such as soul link groups, mission entities, mystical travelers, shape shifters, and concepts relating to energy laws and how they affect the world we create and support.

This exploration of our challenging physical and spiritual life experiences for the refinement of our developing spirit with self awareness and a more positive and purposeful use of our resources are subjects that we focus on in great depth. Guests interviewed on “Healing From Within” share many new perspectives and their personal experiences so we might begin to realize the dual nature of lives- our physical being and world, and our energetic life and connection to All. In today’s episode Concetta and I who have our feet in two worlds- the physical and the world of Spirit or energy, will share an important truth about the nature and purpose of life. That truth revolves around our understanding that each person on this planet has a soul destiny and life plan to develop their talents and spiritual gifts. Interacting with soul mates is part of learning compassion, kindness and love. The goal of each soul is to eliminate as many patterns of fear and restriction imprinted on them from childhood and from past lives and to remember their full potential to create, and to connect to the divine source within.

In discussing why so many people feel alone and separated from this pure source of compassion and divine love that we come from, Concetta will describe that it is the denseness of our physical body and this material world that makes us forget our energetic soul essence sometimes causing an illusion about who and what we are and what is needed for a fulfilled and healthy life. At the same time on a deeper level we search once again to know we are spirits-all of us are one, with one Universal goal and purpose- simply to be magnificent and divine in God’s love. Both Sheryl and Concetta through their own search for truth know that we cannot accomplish our soul’s purpose alone. We must learn to ask for help from those with us on this side and the Other Side. It is in this process of connecting with others that we fulfill one purpose of a physical life which is to be cooperative compassionate and to work together for building a more harmonious and unified world community.

By discussing the three forms of energy which are electromagnetic the type of energy responsible for attraction: kinetic-the energy of motion, and thermal-which produces heat and light we determine that in spirit form we have a perfected body of purified energy whereas on this side in physical form we are composed of a much denser energy. Energy comes from the Greek word meaning activity, operation and it means literally keeping everything in motion. Energy is the animating force of life and can be transferred or transformed but never destroyed. Therefore the conclusion that our life force or soul is eternal.

Concetta talks about shape shifting as ideas words and actions which are forms of energy and can create new possibilities and realities and shape like ripples into the environment influences that either create calm and healing or chaos and confusion. Emotions are also energy forces and if not released can also harm when inappropriately perceived or channeled. Sheryl describes a process which Souls in spirit use to imprint their personal characteristics or physical appearance onto another person in order to be thought of and sometimes to lea d us to make a connection or have a new experience.

Concetta and Sheryl discuss that while our families often present us with the greatest karmic challenges, they also offer us the greatest opportunities to grow and appreciate life in a more responsive and honest loving way. We believe that before our souls chose this physical life we selected our families and to have certain experiences for the prime purpose of expanding and refining certain human and spiritual qualities. Sometimes we might observe in our own circumstances or that of others, that the souls who make up our family may be more or less spiritually evolved. We may have parents or siblings who are well meaning but self-absorbed or emotionally absent, leaving us feeling abandoned . Our reason for selecting this family or scenario in that case is to overcome this hold on us. Then we can create what we do want to see happen in a new way in other relationships. We might find ourselves in a family situation that is outright abusive. But everyone is in our lives as part of our individualized plan mirrors some aspect of our own inner thoughts. This gives us an opportunity to make personal choices about how we live and what we will or will not accept. This is how we achieve soul growth, integrity, compassion, and healing.

In trying to understand why souls choose a physical life which is beautiful in many ways, but still challenging, Concetta suggests in her book” Inside the Other Side” that here we can achieve general refinement or purification with positive choices overcoming perhaps other choices and results made in former experiences or past lives. We can grow more courageous as we develop new ways to solve old problems or approaches which did not have the best results. We might have a chance to accomplish a particular purpose-a mission that we need to fulfill such as bringing people together or being a catalyst for change. These specific missions may require a sacrifice as Karma may be involved. Concetta also coins two terms which refer to certain types of special souls known as Mission Entities or Mystical Travelers All of us have encountered these special souls along our way. A mission entity is a pure soul and perhaps vulnerable such as a Down Syndrome child or someone like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain. Each has a special influence on us because they change the way we feel and express ourselves. A mystical traveler is a more evolved being completely unconditional. There are fewer mystical travelers than mission entities and they function at a high level of consciousness and are immune to the law of karma. Mystical travelers come to this life knowing they will suffer beyond what the average individual can handle. Mystical travelers are totally selfless beings such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Matthew Stepanek, who died at 14 from Muscular Dystrophy after writing six books of poetry.

Concetta also discusses in her book soul contracts and the idea of a soul link group. As we discussed before we decide with God which family we will be born into and our physical condition so we can spiritually evolve through different perspectives and different experiences. Our soul link group is” everyone” in our life today and they have been there before with us. Our soul link group is not just family, but everyone we share thoughts and experiences with. It can be described much like a repertory theatre group always playing different roles with heroes and villains, crime and redemption, love loss and laughter. It appears that as we develop spiritually we need to learn to expand our focus, sharing energy and love not only with limited people but with all those in the world. Hard as it may be to recognize we do have the perfect family and circumstances for our spiritual purposes.

With all its challenges and complications it remains a gift- this life we live and share for the development of our individual soul needs, and for the reawakening or remembrance of our oneness and connection to all souls, whether here in this physical plane, or beyond time and space to the Unity of All Life.