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Leading Beyond the Status Quo

Al Gonzalez

Leading Beyond the Status Quo – I, Bully. Unexpected Leadership Lessons

As a kid, I was an overt and mean bully. As a manager, I learned ways of bullying covertly by hiding behind my authority. Although I may not have been as bad as other bosses, I was still a bully and very good at getting away with it.

Join us this week as I share the painful lessons I learned from careful self-reflection and honoring feedback from some of my staff members. Self-reflection can be painful, but, as they say, no pain, no gain.

As you may know, our schools and workplace cultures are plagued by bullying, negativity bias and low employee engagement. Are all bullies bad people? Or, could they be self-deceived and not know how their behavior affects others? This week we focus on People, that very important component of the triple bottom line!