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Ripley Radio – Leaking Brain Fluid and a Visit to the Hobo Festival

Believe It or Snot, we have a story this week about a person who just thought he had a runny nose, but that run-off proved a little more critical than the common every-day drippage. It was brain fluid! We also hear from Chad Lewis who reports on one of the oldest community festivals in the US – the Hobo Festival in Iowa.

Additional, amazing, unbelievable and bizarre stories on the June 3 edition of Ripley Radio, the official radio station of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! include: Historian James Taylor explains how important it is for all successful shows to have bright, colorful and descriptive signage; Ripley’s official cartoonist John Graziano joins us again this week and describes his unusual drawing techniques; and noted author Jim Murphy joins us again and tells us more tales of the modern day hoaxes he writes about in his new book, The Giant and How He Humbugged America.

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