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Tragedy to Triumph

Victoria Mavis

Tragedy to Triumph – Accessible playgrounds for kids can go beyond providing children with special needs a place to play—it can unite a community.

All kids want to be included and be able to do things like other kids. But what if you’re a firefly and your taillight doesn’t light up, and others keep asking questions? Ed Raarup’s book, Fireflies and Shooting Stars “The Tale of Enzo” addresses this subject of being different and having the determination to fit in despite difficult life circumstances. Both in the book and in life, accessible playgrounds for kids become the foundation of uniting a community and providing children with special needs a place to play alongside of their friends and family.

Victoria Mavis and Ed Raarup discuss how this is one of the children books that has adult lessons which can change a community’s attitude toward acceptance, inclusion, and living life fully for people with disabilities. Enzo’s tale to find his light, only to discover things about himself and the world quickly becomes a bridge for children with disabilities and adults to build confidence and coping strategies in light of being bullied or picked on for being different, or having a disability.

Through reading the book Fireflies and Shooting Stars “The Tale of Enzo” or listening to the CDs, listeners will learn the value of friendship, individuality and the important lesson that Enzo teaches: “know just who you are”.