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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Law Enforcement sueing against Magazine Ban

Trust…. Leadership…. Integrity…. Selfless service… and for the good of the people…

All words I see dramatically lacking in the world of politics. Right on up from local levels, thru the States, to our nation’s capital and in our Nations White House.

Trust… think we cannot trust government right now or anytime in the near and prolonged future… trust is earned by responsible example isn’t it… The IRS scandal makes us worried even greater at how we are taxed and what it goes towards, the Surveillance of MILLIONS of America’s via phone, internet, and email is more than mildly concerning – its blatant over reach of the Federal Government.

Leadership… Now no doubt there are different styles of leaders and I have a long side my fellow men and women in uniformed have joked in the past about a few of those styles. Leading from the rear with the gear doesn’t do much for creating loyal followers who believe in ones capabilities.

Integrity …. Not even a word in this current administration’s vocabulary.
Self less service … We now know tools at this administration’s disposal are being used for their betterment while maybe trying to keep the presidential hands clean of the filth that the minions are wading in. There doesn’t seem to be much Selfless Service for our needs as a nation in order to keep us strong at heart, will, and might. What happened to working hard, building our families strong, defending ourselves against evil from foreign and domestic, and good productive American spirit. Self Less Service… there is not much selfless service towards the American people right now!

…and For the good of the people…. Well the voice of the people – even at our local levels and particularly in my state (Colorado); the voices of the people are being completely ignored and trod upon in order to meet a set agenda by out of state interests and power grabs.

There are glimmers of hope…. Among the sewage of main stream America headlines there are beams of light that arise. Colorado Sheriffs among others are sueing the Law Makers of Colorado over Magazine Bans

Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County Colorado is a vocal Colorado Sheriff who is trying to tell law makers they need to pay attention and keep some sanity or plain and simple common sense in mind. Recent laws have no “public Safety” interests at heart and in fact are designed to intentionally ignore public safety. He is helping lead the way in a Federal Law Suit against Colorado Law makers… Lets hope he and the others win!

Sheriff Cooke speaks to us about recent events, recent efforts to reign in the wrong doings of state politicians who are ignoring the people, and about reasserting common sense leadership at the grassroots level. Leading the way Colorado Sheriffs have brought a Federal Law Suit Against the very Law Makers attempting to force unwanted Magazine Bans on the citizens of Colorado.

Our Colorado Sheriffs Leadership example is not only being watched a crossed the nation. The example is being followed as recent Sheriffs in the State of NY have joined in a law suit against their state’s restrictive new gun laws as well.

Please visit our Schedule Page and consider supporting the Colorado Freedom Shoot happening June 29th & 30th. The day before the Magazine Ban may go into effect.