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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Energy Dating Leads To Lasting Passion And Love

Tune up your energy to find love and passion that lasts with advice from David Price Francis,, and America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch, Love Matches

Can your relationship stand the 3 tests of time? The key to finding true love and creating lasting intimacy lies in understanding the human energy field and the mysterious energy exchange between men and women.

Find out how to get the power of universal energies working for you, instead of against you, so you quickly balance, heal and transform your thoughts, feelings and actions.

As host, Hadley Finch, chats with David Price Francis, the renowned energy scholar from Oxford University and author of Partners In Passion, you’ll discover:

* What the human energy field is and 5 ways to use it to make your dreams come true
* Which energetic connection sustains passion in a relationship
* How your eye radar attracts a great love match
* How 5 elements enhance your energy in life and love
* The daily ritual that breaks up yesterday’s negative energy for a great night’s sleep
* How men and women are energetically different from one another, and how this enhances or harms intimate relationships
* Why it’s important to balance energy between men and women for happiness and well being
* How energy dating leads you to true love and passionate, exciting relationships
* What a first kiss says energetically about the future potential of a love relationship
* What you never should wear on a date, if you want to make a soul connection
* The best dating skill that breaks barriers to true love
* Two energetic secrets to powerful and lasting attraction, and love at first sight
* How two people create a mutually rewarding relationship for a lifetime
* Why “And They Lived Happily Ever After” is the most dangerous myth of all
* Three crucial tests of time that a long-term relationship must meet
* Why some dating relationships are only skin deep, and other risky relationship cycles like the 7 year itch
* How to build excitement after the honeymoon is over
* How to be a member of the 28 club, if you want love and passion to last
* How to use challenges in life and love as a catalyst for a great relationship
* How dating singles can be true to your own energies to find your true love
* How singles meet your love match by chance or coincidence
* 3 ways couples can have more sex and more fun with your partner

As you enjoy Hadley Finch’s compelling, 30-minute conversation with David Price Francis, you’ll tune up your energy that makes your dreams of love, success, and happiness come true