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Music: Backstage - Onstage - On The Record

Chris Epting

Music: Backstage – Onstage – On The Record – Howard Kaylan of the Turtles and KISS!

This week, Chris has an in-depth conversation with the legendary Howard Kaylan of Turtles and Flo & Eddie fame. Howard’s new book, Shell Shocked, is a no-holds barred account of his rise to fame in the 1960s in the Turtles and how he has managed to carve out one of the most eclectic singing careers on record. With wild tales of Zappa, Marc Bolan and many more, Shell Shocked is refreshingly open and honest – as is Howard in this interview. To close things out, Chris plays a special version of KISS performing their classic anthem “Rock and Roll All Nite” captured recently at the Rock & Brews restaurant in Torrance, CA. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are investors in the chain, and on this night the whole band turned up to play a special set.