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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Limoncello: The Art of Citrus

How did a lemon liqueur produced in a small part of Italy’s Adriatic Coast become an international sensation? Mark speaks with Alan Kropf of Anchor Distilling, one of the marketing wizards behind Luxardo, the world’s oldest commercial producer of Limoncello. He then explores the subject further with Chris Chickerneo, a young entrepreneur from Chicago.

Chickerneo fell in love with the drink a few years back during a visit to Italy; he began making it after he returned home, and today is one of the country’s top artisan producers of Limoncello. His company, CelloVia, turns out a half-dozen different versions in small batches, and is on the verge of national distribution. During an extended segment of Viewer Mail (messages sent in by listeners who enjoy watching their iPods), Mark reviews some of the many emails received over the past few weeks, discusses whether diners should tip on the dollar value of a bottle of wine, and reveals the truth behind some of the allegations about the founder of the biodynamic movement.


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