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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Doctors Who Make House Calls, and a New Longer Term Hospice Program

Advances in technology are making it easier for us to access information and conduct business from our homes than ever before. But regardless of how efficient we become at communicating electronically, nothing will ever replace person-to-person caring and contact.

Join us as we talk with Melissa Lindley from Willamette Valley Hospice in Salem, Oregon and Dr. Steven Fuller, president of HouseCalls LLC, in Boise, Idaho about two new programs that provide old-fashioned, one-to-one support to individuals who are aging or have life-limiting illnesses.

In the conversation with Melissa Lindley, you will hear about Transitions, a free service offered through Willamette Valley Hospice, which provides volunteer assistance and professional case management to individuals and families who do not yet qualify for hospice care. We discuss the variety of services offered by not-for-profit and for profit hospice programs, and the questions you should ask to help you chose the right organization to support you and your family as you experience a life-limiting illness.

And then we talk with Dr. Steven Fuller, DO, PhD – President and Co-Owner of House Calls LLC. Dr. Fuller has decades of experience in Critical Care Medicine. His current focus is partnering with medical and social networks to coordinate the needs of older people so they can remain in their homes and prevent hospital readmissions. One of the ways he is doing that is by providing primary medical care – HOUSE CALLS – to people who live in independent retirement an assisted living communities.

And finally we talk about the importance of finishing things well with the people we love. You’ll hear about a marriage proposal that fulfills a father’s dying wish, and a true celebration of life that honored the passing of Dr. Dean Brooks, a giant of a man in the field of mental health treatment. Dr. Brooks was honored in October, 2012 at the grand opening of the Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health in Salem, OR. His long-time friend, Louise Fletcher traveled to Salem to help celebrate the event. Ms. Fletcher won the Oscar for her portrayal of Nurse Rached in the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, which was filmed on the grounds of the Oregon State Hospital. She also received the dubious honor of being named as “One of the ten most evil villains of all time”. Visit Elaine’s Facebook Page to see photos of Ms. Fletcher and Dr. Brooks during the celebration and images of a private moment they shared later in the day when they stopped by The Willson House so Louise could say goodbye to her dear friend Dean.