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Music: Backstage - Onstage - On The Record

Chris Epting

Music: Backstage – Onstage – On The Record – An exclusive interview with Iggy Pop

This week, Chris speaks at length with the one and only Iggy Pop. Since Iggy and the Stooges first crashed onto the scene in the 1960s, he’s become one of the most defining figures and rock ‘n roll. His ferocious and uninhibited stage performances are the stuff of legend even today as he continues to deliver intense, honest and wild shows around the world. He is also very funny, and and shares many memories with Chris including thoughts on working with his dear friend David Bowie and the huge influence the Doors had on him after he saw them live. It’s a loose, freewheeling and wide-open full episode with one of music’s most entertaining mouthpieces. Ladies and gentlemen, Iggy Pop.