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Caregiver Help Radio – One Step Beyond the Law – Life Care Planning Law Firms that help seniors maintain their desired quality of life – throughout their lives

When you’re caring for loved ones who are chronically ill, disabled, or aging, it’s not at all unusual to be interrupted with a phone call that alters every plan you had for the day (or for the next week). Perhaps you suddenly become aware of the fact that your parents simply cannot manage on their own any longer. You think they might be able to stay in their own home if they had help – but how do you know you’re hiring someone reliable? What do you do if a loved one falls and you’re told they’ll need to be moved into a rehab facility three days after surgery? Do you know the best facility in their area? What if one of your parents or your spouse is a veteran? Do you know where to go or who to call to access their benefits? What do you do if you go for a ride with your dad and realize that it’s no longer safe for him to drive? And what about Medicare and Medicaid? Have you ever looked for information or answers on those websites? Or worse – have you ever tried to connect with a live human being on the phone at any of those agencies?

These are just a few of the situations that can complicate the life of a caregiver. So if you’re dealing with any similar issues, or if you think you might face problems like this in the future, you’ll want to make sure you listen to today’s program from start to finish. Join us as we visit with Gerald E Rothkoff, Principal of the Rothkoff Law Group and president of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association.

We talk about how Life Care Planning Law Firms go beyond preparing documents and protecting assets. These specialized elder law firms employ a team of people who develop a Life Care Plan that assists you in responding to every challenge created by the long-term illness or disability of your elderly loved one before, during, and after the onset of declining health. They bundle estate planning, asset protection, legal services, public benefits qualification, car coordination, family education, nursing home advocacy and crisis intervention services into a convenient package.

We also visit with Janie Male, who is the Director of Care Coordination for Rothkoff Law Group. Janie decided to become a social worker so she could help her own parents. She graduated from the Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research with her Masters in Social Service, and her passion is empowering and advocating for her elderly clients.

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