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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – It’s All In The Numbers: The Art Of Activating Your Personal Power


It is no surprise to many people that certain cycles exist within our lives. When we are in tune with these cycles they will guide you so that you can manage your energy, take advantage of the unique opportunities for growth and manifesting abundance that are available within each cycle and ultimately create your vision of freedom with confidence and grace! Today I’ve got a very special guest who has a fascinating perspective on how to connect with and make the most of these cycles in our lives.

I’m Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach and today I am delighted to be talking with Tara Villeneuve who is a Personal Freedom Advocate, Astro-Numerologist and Coach with a fiery passion for Cultivating and Celebrating the Uniqueness within the Soulful Woman.

By revealing the messages within your Spiritual Numbers Code, Tara guides you back into your Divine Flow. That sacred space of connection within each of us, where the unlimited source of radiant power, confidence and infinite unconditional love is experienced and expressed.

If you’re ready to be free in such an authentic way that you come to know every realm of soulful experience and ecstasy while sharing your great work with the world then today’s episode is a must listen. During the call Tara revels how to find out your Personal Year Number and she provided detailed descriptions for each of the 9 year numbers in the Personal Year Number cycle. While this is only a bit sized piece of your Spiritual Numbers Code you will receive valuable insights into who you are and encouragement and support to use this knowledge to create more joy, more freedom, more harmony and more limitlessness in your life.

If you’d like to discover more about who you are and get a head start creating your own limitless life you can now grab a sample of Shannon’s best selling book, Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose