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Donna’s Quantum Café – Addiction As a Spiritual Path – Part 1

America is an addicted nation. The statistics are that currently more than 40 million Americans suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs of some sort, at great cost to our physical, mental and emotional health as a people. This is not counting the millions more who struggle with eating disorders, gambling, sex, exercise, etc. Is this all just a huge tragedy, or is addiction a remarkable opportunity for incredible personal growth, offering us a doorway into deeper levels of awareness of who we are as human and as spiritual beings. If we are fortunate enough to find our way through, we can come to the other side more aware, more compassionate, more fully alive, vibrant and actualized than we could ever have dreamed possible. In Addiction As a Spiritual Path – Part I, Donna shares some of the insight she gained through her own journey out of the abyss into the extraordinary lightness of Being.