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Employee Engagement: The Heart of Business Success

Les Landes

Employee Engagement: The Heart of Business Success – Measuring What Matters

Nationwide surveys done by big name research firms show that employee engagement is in a pretty dismal state in companies throughout the country. Gallup’s latest report on employee engagement reveals that only about 30% of employees are fully engaged – going the extra mile. About 50% are somewhat engaged, and almost 20% are actively disengaged – laying back on the oars or rocking the boat. Yet so many companies continue to report their own individual engagement scores are in the 80%-90% range. What accounts for that disconnect? More importantly, how can companies do a more realistic assessment of where they stand on employee engagement before they charge down the path to improving it? Organizational psychologist and engagement assessment expert, Bob Grace from the Leadership Effect, provides some penetrating insights into where companies fall short in their assessment practices, and he offers hard-nosed practical advice on how to do it better.