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The Book of Dad

Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – Spiritual Samaritanism

A few shows back and recently, we visited with the topics of spirituality and Samaritisism. We talked about needing and wanting to know the purposes, methods and goals of religions and spirituality. We also looked into the drive and desire of those whose purpose in life is to enlighten, impart knowledge and guide those under their tutelage. These people make this their goal via their vocation as well as their advocation. They become creative, innovative and use their talents to impart knowledge in many fields of endeavor; dance, acting, music, writing and ultimately publication in various venues.

Today we talk to a Renaissance Woman, one who is versed in the fields of entertainment, education and publishing, more importantly she is an ambassador for Christ. In fact, she has recently published her first book ” God, if You’re Real, Let’s Talk” that asks and answers the difficult and pointed questions:

What came first, the baby or the grown man and woman that procreated? If one does not believe in God, if He does exist, how does He make His presence known? What is the purpose of life? What, exactly, is my world view … and why? What happens to the “self” after mortal death?

A perfect account for all groups be they Agnostic, Atheist, Christian, Scientology, New Age or for the inquisitive individual, it contains discussion questions that fosters pondering and consideration on world views: Today we talk to the talented Donna Doss–ebooks.html

Ms. Donna Doss

Donna Doss, Founder and Director of REJOICE! Performing Arts, REJOICE! Talent Management, REJOICE! Photography, and REJOICE! Model & Talent Showcase “Where Regional Talent Receive National Exposure.”

Her love for the performing arts is excelled only by her desire to be instrumental in creating avenues for others who are truly gifted to safely enter the performing arts industry at large untainted by the world’s demand on performing artist’s. She began writing Christian children stories in 1992, however, her priorities being her family she did not publish them. She became intrigued by the intricate mechanism and procreation of nature, the working of a man’s mind, and who or what created it all so perfectly that got her complete attention. So much so that she began literally taking notes in metaphorical, analogical, and literal form in regard to creation and how it all works. These notes became the foundation of her first published book, nineteen years later, “God, if You’re Real … Let’s Talk!”

Donna is a Certified Ballet Dance Instructor with an Associates in General Education, Bachelors in Small Business Management, and Masters in Divinity with a Concentration in Biblical Studies. Born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, she now lives content in the south with her amazingly supportive family.